Delivery Bot T1

Model Disinfection Robot
Dimensions 500x500x1350mm
N.W. 70 kgs
Disinfection Liquid Capacity 15 L
Chemical Disinfection Spray Output 2-4L/ h, Particle size <10μm
Ultra-dried particles Automiser 6 sets
UV Disinfection Density 90um /cm².
Max Speed 1 m/s
Max Slope ≤ 5 degree
Rated Power 90 W
Battery Capacity DC 48V 15 Ah
Battery Life ≥ 8 hrs
Standby Current <0.5A
Standby Time ≥ 48 hrs
Life Span 20000 hrs
Working Environment indoor, smooth floor
Environment Temperature 0 – 45°C, RH: 5%~85%
Type of Charging Auto/Manual
Time of Charging 6 hrs
Dimensions Of The Charging Set 230x220x290mm
Input Voltage of Charging Set 220V/50Hz
Endurance 5-8 years

DisinfectionRobot Milan Airport

Disinfection Robot Moving


               Disinfection Robot

                                    Efficient sterilisation

                         Short-wave UVC lamp + disinfection liquid spray


          Safer disinfection process, no adhesion, no small particles, no residue

                          Automated navigation and charging

                   Robot will be able to finish the task automatically

                                                Data collection

                       Monitor disinfection processes with datas and route records

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