Our Products

Pipette Tips

Eclipse™ standard surface pipette tips include as standard many features available from other suppliers only as special upgrades.

Low Retention

SuperSlik® tips accuracy and precision is up to 10 times better with viscous samples than standard non-wettable polypropylene.

LTS Pipette Tips

Eclipse™ tips for LTS pipettes bring the higher quality and performance of Labcon Tips to ergonomic pipetting.

Automation Tips

Labcon pipette tips for automated workstations are designed to work on factory specification units.

Deep Well Plates

Our PurePlus® Deep Well plates are available in sterile or non-sterile styles and formats that fit popular instruments.

Centrifuge Tubes

SuperClear® Tubes have exclusive features and are patented worldwide.

Metal Free Tubes

Our MetalFree® tubes are produced to ensure that key trace metals are kept below one part per billion.

Large Format Tubes

PerformR® large format tubes give you the convenience of a disposable tube with the performance of a reusable tube.

Microcentrifuge Tubes

SuperSpin® and SuperClear® tubes feature a higher spin rate and USP class IV resins to ensure your work is safe.